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Who Are We?

Who Are We?


Vapor Associates LLC., was established in 2009.  The main concern the founder had in mind at that time was…..Quality!  He was not very impressed with the e-liquid which was being offered in the youthful market. At first, creating fresh-clean flavors was just a hobby.  But quickly soon changed into a new vision.  Overall, he was not fulfilled in using the e-liquid at all.  Richard knew something had to be done about the materials utilized to create the blends. Therefore, he took this matter onto the next level.   While doing extensive research on the finest ingredients available, a period of trial and error began.  Never complete until the end result was pure, tasteful satisfaction. Mixing was a given, with the use of his strong culinary experience combined with a fascination for recipes and formulas, it all became second nature for Richard.  He was anxious to share the enjoyment and contentment which was discovered.  Hence, High Caliber e-liquid was introduced into the world.

            Fast forward to today, Vapor Associates LLC, is now a preferred and leading manufacturer in the e-liquid industry.  The company still incorporates the same ground concepts of Quality and Gratification in everything it accomplishes. With Richard’ s “go big or go home” determined attitude, he gives all his time, energy, and focus on not only the goods created but the production method as well.  In which, both are vital for success. All equipment and certifications are up to date. Efficiency, cleanliness, and presentation are never left out of the equation.  The formation of a driven and growing team with common goals and ethics is a high priority as well. The company is very open and up-front about how business is handled.  They use strong core family values and is apparent in everyday practices. 


            The structure of Vapor Associates LLC, allows the business to work very close with the vendors (big and small) while eliminating any distractions from the retail side of the industry. The company takes pride in giving their clients the full on attention of being a provider. With this in mind, anybody who works with Vapor Associates LLC will never have to worry about being in competition with them for the public.  Again, the company is all for working with the vendors not against them just as their name implies.

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